Are You A Promiscuous Golfer?

Enjoy this classic while you read… it’ll all make sense soon


Just a Soul Whose Intentions Are Good

Enjoy this classic while you read… it’ll all make sense soon.

I’m tired of reading the pessimism about golf being a shrinking ship… takes too long to play… too expensive… the millennial aren’t interested… blah blah blah.

We launched GroupLooper with an audacious goal… by making golf more convenient and fun, stimulate the play of an additional 1 million rounds of golf per year in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro (without reducing prices).

We haven’t moved the needle yet, but the puzzle pieces have been falling into place and it’s time to accelerate. Achieving the goal will require extraordinary teamwork. None of us can do this alone… but we can do it together.

This series of MILLSIDE GOLF posts is intended to foster that teamwork.

Because It’s OUR fault that golf isn’t growing. We in the industry aren’t doing enough to help people play more golf.

Here’s the million round math… it’s as easy as a-b-c:

a) Industry pundits estimate that there are approximately 400,000 golfers in MSP.

b) To reach 1M incremental rounds, we need an average of 2.5 additional rounds per golfer.

c) That’s an increase of just one extra round every 10 weeks per golfer(25 week season).

C’mon team… surely we can stimulate 1 more round of golf every 10 weeks from people who already have demonstrated that they like to play the game.

A 1M round bump in demand means an average of 5,000 additional rounds per golf course. For many operators, that’s the difference between survival and a future as a housing development. For those doing well, it’s a tasty cherry on top.

To help get this party started, GroupLooper is putting its money where my mouth is. We’ve purchased over $12,000 worth of rounds of golf from MSP Metro courses and will use them to reward MSP-based GroupLooper users who participate in some of our grow the game ideas.

Let’s make this fun… then it won’t be work.

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